The Honourable Paul Bonwick, P.C.

Personal Profile
Paul Bonwick provides high-level, strategic planning and implementation consulting services to companies and nonprofit organizations for which he consistently yields results. He possesses the essential balance of experience and credibility with which to build the critical relationships that ensure your issues are dealt with in an appropriate and effective manner.

More than 20 years of working in policy and communications roles within federal and municipal governments, produces considerable knowledge. As a veteran political insider, Paul is in a unique position to provide the type of insight that leads to success. Canada's multi-faceted levels of government can pose unique challenges as well as opportunities, making Paul's ability to negotiate the often confusing labyrinth of government policy and relations so effective. Years of direct experience working with – and within – all levels of government, has lead to an intimate understanding of inter-governmental workings, making him a powerful ally and advisor on issues of public policy and business development.

Handling sensitive information and files demands a high level of integrity. Over the years, Paul has earned the reputation as a man of integrity and is trusted by government officials (at all levels) and CEOs alike. He does a brilliant job of deftly managing sensitive files to produce outcomes that exceed client expectations, without compromising security or integrity of a particular initiative.

On an international level, Paul founded the Canada/Pakistan Parliamentary Association serving as Chair from 2002 - 2004. He continues to maintain a strong network in Pakistan having worked directly with the President's office and various members of the business community. His international reach has extended beyond Pakistan. He is proud of the strategic as well as personal relationships he has fostered in Eastern Europe and China.

Paul Bonwick is Senior Principal and founder (2004) of Compenso Communications Inc. In this capacity, he works closely with the federal, provincial, and various municipal governments representing a large cross section of clients.

Compenso is a full-service strategic planning and non-partisan communications and government relations firm specializing in the design and execution of comprehensive strategies (from energy, mining and transportation, development, political, and issue-oriented initiatives) that ultimately lead to success. He has a proven track record of strategic and comprehensive business plans that where possible secures government funding, affects policy change, or leads to the elimination of policy that is at best case ineffective and at worst case detrimental to business growth.

Before founding Compenso, his impressive political career encompassed the following:

  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, and Member of Parliament (MP) for Simcoe-Grey from 1997-2004 (first Member of Parliament for the newly created riding of Simcoe-Grey).
  • Municipal Councillor for the Town of Collingwood (where he served as chair for numerous committees and was directly involved in the policy-making and legislation implementation for the municipality).
  • Served on several committees:
    •     Vice Chair of the Standing Committee on Heritage
    •     Chair of the National Parliamentary Railway Association
    •     Joint Committee on Scrutiny of Regulations
    •     Member of the Prime Minister’s Task Force on Financial Services
    •     Member of the Prime Minister’s Task Force on Youth Entrepreneurship.
    •     Former Chair of Canada/United Nations Parliamentary Association 1998/99.
    •     Former Chair of The Canada/NATO Parliamentary Association.
  • Substantial work within First Nations Communities negotiating fair and equitable solutions mutually beneficial to all parties (government, business, and First Nations community). Paul has sat down with a number of First Nations leaders to help them achieve their social and economic requirements while addressing concerns from environment considerations to issues of self-government and preserving culture.

Philanthropic Work
Paul feels that we are all ethically responsible for serving our community, those less fortunate, and the environment in any capacity available to us. To that end he has devoted considerable time, energy, and funds to supporting a number of worthy causes:

  • Extensive work in developing and fostering young entrepreneurs following his appointment as member of the Prime Minister’s Task Force on Youth Entrepreneurship .
  • Representation on behalf of NGOs.  As an example, Paul was actively involved in a project with an NGO that works extensively in Africa where the organization enters into remote villages in which potable water is a major issue, working closely with the community to drill wells, thereby eradicating illnesses and issues (surrounding poverty and power ‘politics of water’) that arise due to lack of free access to potable water. At the end of one such project, a life-giving well’s name was dedicated to Paul.
  • Regular financial contributor to causes and charitable organizations to which he is committed.
  • Environmental Stewardship in which Paul is active in promoting viable and environmentally sustainable energy sources (solar, geothermal, etc.)


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