Code of Conduct


Compenso Communications Inc. will undertake to provide the client with high quality government relations services, to the best of its ability. Such services will include advocacy and representation.


Compenso Communications Inc. cannot provide effective professional services to the client unless there is unreserved communication between the consultant(s) working on the file and the client, or the client’s representatives. Consequently, Compenso will hold all information concerning the business and affairs of the client obtained during the period in which Compenso is retained by the client, in strict confidence and will not divulge such information unless authorized by the client or required by law.

Professional and Integrity

Compenso Communications Inc. maintains the utmost professionalism within all of our contracts to ensure a high quality product. It is for our good reputation and the reputation of others that we strive to be the model for honest behaviour within the industry.

Conflict of Interest

Compenso Communications Inc. will use its best efforts to ensure that in representing its clients, its consultants do not become involved in situations where a conflict of interest could arise. If a Compenso consultant becomes aware a conflict of interest situation may exist at present or in the future, the consultant will contact the clients involved, notify them of the concern/situation and discuss with them the most appropriate course of action. Compenso Communications Inc. is required by law to register when advocating on behalf of clients before the federal and provincial governments. We recommend that because our clients know their business best, and know their competitors check the lobbyist registrations on a regular basis.


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