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CompensoCompenso is a full-service and non-partisan communications and government relations firm specializing in the design and execution of comprehensive strategies (from resource management-related, political, and issue-oriented initiatives) that ultimately lead to our client's success. We have a proven track record of securing government funding, affecting policy change, or eliminating policy that is at best case ineffective and at worst case detrimental to business growth.

The reality is government decisions impact your bottom line. Compenso specializes in understanding where the interests of our clients converge with those of government. We then build upon those common goals to yield consistent results for our clients.

Our keen understanding of government priorities means that we can tailor client requirements (be it applications, proposals, or submissions) to match government priorities. This significantly increases our client's rate of success in achieving government approval or in changing policy that is out-dated and negatively impacts Canadian business and economic growth.

On every project, we employ our wide network of resources and contacts to develop a strategic plan, adapted to your industry to ensure your company's success in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Our government relations professionals deliver world-class strategies uniquely tailored to achieve your goals and position your company as a market leader.

Government policy can at times be antiquated and inefficient, which can produce significant challenges to your business. Compenso has a reputation for 'illuminating' shortcomings in existing policy to affect policy change that successfully addresses client needs, as well as serving the needs of government. When you enter into a relationship with Compenso, the outcome is a mutually beneficial solution (for you and government) that ultimately improves government policy and processes and most importantly, meets your business goals.

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