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With an extensive record of strategic issue resolution, Compenso is prepared to help your company identify and seek out new market opportunities while improving your organizational competitiveness and positioning. Our dedicated professionals are here to help you realize your company's full potential.

Our scope of services includes, and is not limited to:

Government and Public Relations

Government - at all levels, through all branches and in all countries – impacts the bottom line of every industry. This impact underscores the need to educate officials, decision makers and opinion leaders in an honest, comprehensive and strategic manner in order to shape public policy.

Compenso government relations professionals ensure world-class strategies uniquely tailored to achieve your goals. Our firm is engaged to create opportunities and solve problems where any level of government will play a role in the outcome. Whether the issue is mergers and acquisitions, corporate social responsibility, a trade dispute, defense, environmental protection or sustainable energy, specialists drawn from the world of government, media and business can advise on its management.

  • input on legislation (lobbying ) to affect policy change, regulatory affairs and policy development
  • strategic research and analysis as well as feasibility assessments (unique third party position enables us to provide a pragmatic and unemotional perspective)
  • detailed market analysis encompassing regional, national, and international markets
  • obtaining government approvals and removing obstacles through a keen understanding of appropriate governmental  language (nuances) for successful communications
  • obtaining government funding (securing financial support to address major capital expenditure)
  • communications and profile-raising strategies (from news releases to public relations campaigns to deliver your message effectively)
  • development of comprehensive business plans (knowledge of specific governmental formats and language), guidance through application processes, negotiation and mediation services (employing extensive knowledge of policy, government priorities, and specific governmental language)

Strategic Planning and Management Consulting

Compenso team members address situations related to growth: strategy, marketing, innovation, organization, leadership, economic competitiveness and global messaging. We provide consulting and advisory services for executive management teams on issues of strategic importance while assisting them in achieving their goals. These relationships can be as short as a few weeks or involve transformative actions over many years.

Our goal is to help you and your team feel comfortable, confident, and prepared to respond positively to any scenario, while presenting yourself, your organization and your message in the most strategic and positive manner. Our specialized media training programs and workshops prepare you for every media opportunity facing you and your team.

Above all else, at Compenso we believe that relationships matter. We value the relationships we have with our clients. We pride ourselves on developing meaningful, long-term relationships with our clients, many of whom have been with us since the firm's inception. We maintain these relationships because of our commitment to success and ability to deliver results.

Environmental Resource Management

Every process and activity your business undertakes may have an unknown impact on the environment. With the spotlight being cast on human caused environmental degradation, business must take a leading role in maintaining ecosystem integrity and improving the environment for future generations.

Compenso is prepared to help you improve your company's impact on the built and natural environments in which it operates. Whether you are looking for impact assessment, operational carbon emissions mitigation, full-cycle resource use, risk management or energy stability, Compenso can help you lessen the impact of your business processes and activities, both internally and externally.

Conflict Resolution

With diversification of human capital comes the diversification of individual social, political and environmental values. The time may come when social conflict resolution will need facilitation for an internal or external challenge.

Our team of professionals is prepared to resolve your conflict rationally and effectively. We have dealt with countless instances where peaceful and harmonious resolution has been reached, without the need for arbitration of litigation.

Communications Training

The essence of corporate media training is to help you and your team learn strategic, time-proven methods of communication, utilizing proper messaging, ideas and images to deal with the media under any circumstances or conditions.

Compenso provides expert communications services to the global community. Our firm provides issue management, media training including development of communications protocols and strategies.

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